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Full Feature of Rs. 100 New Note

Utility Desk: Banks have started giving 100 new notes to the customers. Now you can get a new note via ATM also. The RBI said in its report that in the year 2017-18, the highest number of counterfeit notes of Rs 100 were found. In this case, it is important for you to know that you recognize the original 100 rupees note so that no one can deceive you.

The Reserve Bank has declared the new note security features. For the identity of the new note, the RBI is a complete portal on the website So you do not need to remember the features of Note You can check Knot's features in minutes by going to this website. Here's all the features of Knotn's picture, along with information.

What is the new 100's note size?

The Reserve Bank said that the new banknotes of Rs 100 will be 66 mm X 142 mm.

Do this in check
If you give someone a new note of Rs 100, first of all check these features.
1. Matching R-Par with Seventh Point Issue 100
2. Lentit image with cult point number 100
3. Clan point 100 in Devanagari
4. The image of Mahatma Gandhi in the center
5. Subtle letter 'RBI', 'India', 'INDIA' and '100'

Will change color

6.Windod security thread with "India", RBI including change of currency By changing the knot, the color of the wire changes to green to blue.
7. Guarantee room on the right side of Mahatma Gandhi's portrait, signature of Governor's signature including the promise room and the symbol of the Reserve Bank of India.

See these features in the last part

Make sure to check these features in the back of the note
1. On the left side of the note knitting years
2. People of clean India, including slogan
3. Language panel
4. Image of "Queen's Wave"
5. Seventh Point Issue in Devanagari 100

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